CLUB HISTORY – Edited Highlights

Est 1876Sapcote Club has been going strong since 1876. Here are some notable points along the way:

1876 Sapcote Working Men’s Club was first registered with the Friendly Society in 1876. This was just 2 years after the Friendly Society itself was first formed. The building used initially was 15 Church Street in Sapcote.

1890 The club, as it now stands, took the place of several earlier properties and parcels of land. The first step towards this took place on 4th April 1890, when the first property on Hinckley Road (which was probably No. 19), complete with garden and out-buildings, was purchased from Arthur Pridmore for the sum of £35.00. This eventually became the location of the current main club building, which was completed in 1910. The club trustees at that time were: Charles Jesson, William Robertson & John Garratt.

1939 The next development took place on the 26th May 1939, when a property of 1400 square yards was purchased from Joseph Cockerill for the sum of £200. This was probably No. 21 from which the building was enlarged. Trustees were: Geoffrey Hinks, Charles Wright & John Tansey

1953 On the 21st November 1953 the final property to make up the existing club was purchased from Brian Pougher for the sum of £76. The plot consisted of a 15 foot wide strip of land with house and garden, being a total of 150 square yards in size and was probably No. 17. What is now the Lounge area was created out of this. Trustees were: Geoffrey Hinks, William Pickering & Thomas Underwood

1968 Some adjacent land was purchased from Park Farm. This encompassed the area that now houses the Car Park & the Main Function Room.

1971 A mortgage of £14,000 was taken out with the Hinckley Permanent Building Society to finance the building of the Function room.


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